27 julio 2010

Hortensia color

Aquí la misma hortensia con un toquecillo de color
Here you have the same hydrangea colored

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11 comentarios:

Don McNulty dijo...

Hi Anais, thanks for visiting my blog. I like your drawings too.

27 de julio de 2010, 20:25
Alex dijo...

Honestly I like them both with or without color ^^ I sometimes just love to see the technicality of a drawing, and black and white are probably best at that stage, and sometimes I'd like to see how it would look like when it's finally done. Beautifully done in this case =)

28 de julio de 2010, 6:36
Anais dijo...

Thanks ALEX! :)
It's true..I tried to see the technicality of that hydrangea drawing because I knew it was going to be some changes and differences after coloring it.
Giving color to drawings is always a little risk we have to run but, it's a new way to improve and, most of cases, it's worth it ;)

28 de julio de 2010, 9:51
Anais dijo...

DON thanks so much for your visit
Come back soon! :)

28 de julio de 2010, 9:51
raena dijo...

I missed a few posts along the way! Your watch was very well done. Love the band on it. And the babies are cute.

Great job on the hydrangeas!

28 de julio de 2010, 20:38
nanke's stuff dijo...

I'm having trouble keeping up, but I have to say your drawing and then painting of the hydrangea plant is really nice. You did a great job with this one! nancy

28 de julio de 2010, 23:07
Anais dijo...

Thanks NANCY, you're very kind! :)
And thanks for your visit: come back soon!

29 de julio de 2010, 13:25
Capt Elaine Magliacane dijo...

Hi AnA...
I like both your hydrangeas... but I love color, so the colored one appeals to me the most. Thanks for following me... I'll add you to my list to visit often.

30 de julio de 2010, 18:59
Anais dijo...

Hi my friend Elaine! Charmed with your visit :)
I love color too, but I thought it was a good way to compare both results :)

30 de julio de 2010, 19:10
Marisa dijo...

A mi personalmente me gustan los dos, en el primero se puede apreciar el trabajo, su laboriosidad, el detalle. El color camufla esto a veces, pero le otorga la realidad un poco como darle vida.
Me encanta poder verlos juntos. Buena idea.

31 de julio de 2010, 7:47
Anais dijo...

Thanks, RAENA! I'll try to enjoy with every drawing, you know :)

Es cierto, sin color no hay vida...Yo opto por el color, pero siempre se puede valorar el paso anterior, está claro.
Gracias MARISA! :)

31 de julio de 2010, 20:35

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