12 julio 2010

Ejercicio con perros #1

Este "modelo" surgió de un dibujo del maestro Danny Gregrory. Debo reconocer que disfruté dibujándolo :)
This dog is from a Danny Gregory's drawing. I must admit that I enjoyed copying it.

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11 comentarios:

Dan Kent dijo...

Very cute and much personality - well done!

13 de julio de 2010, 5:02
Alex dijo...

Love the expression! Very fine line works

13 de julio de 2010, 5:22
Anais dijo...

DAN, ALEX, thank you very much. :)
When you enjoy what you are doing, the results are very cute, aren't they?

13 de julio de 2010, 10:56
lyn dijo...

Great blog! Beautiful paintings love the polar bear. We share appreciation of nature!
Continued success!

13 de julio de 2010, 17:59
Anais dijo...

Thank you Lyn! Hope you'll take a look again :)

13 de julio de 2010, 18:26
raena dijo...

Oh yes, I immediately recognize his dog drawing! Well done! I especially liked this one because of the interesting perspective and resultant foreshortening, and even thought of copying this myself at one time, but never got around to it!

13 de julio de 2010, 23:02
Anais dijo...

Thanks, RAENA! :)
The fact is I enjoyed a lot drawing it. It was like "a woman and a pen glued and working together" jeje
Did you show your copy on your blog?? I'd love seeing it

14 de julio de 2010, 11:13
Marisa dijo...

Me encanta, es como si estuviese esperando algo, muy expresivo.

14 de julio de 2010, 12:16
Anais dijo...

Es cierto! Es como si estuviera al acecho, pero al mismo tiempo confiado, verdad?
Gracias Marisa

14 de julio de 2010, 16:13
raena dijo...

Sorry Anais, didn't actually get around to doing the sketch...just considered it! But, I copy peoples work all the time. Mostly I don't post them; they sit in a basket of discarded sketches.

15 de julio de 2010, 6:45
Anais dijo...

Ow, yes, RAENA....I understood in other way, sorry. I agree with you: copying people works is an extraordinary exercise for improving ourself, with no doubt :)

15 de julio de 2010, 8:40

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