19 agosto 2010

Alguna "herramienta" artística

Definitivamente me gusta mucho más el trazo fino del portaminas que el del lápiz. El como si fluyera mucho más ligero, no sé por qué...
Lo bueno es ir probando con diversas "herramientas" hasta encontrar esa con la que te sientes agusto trabajando, ¿verdad?
Definitely, I love mechanical pencil for drawing more than wood-pencil. Its stroke flows softly, I don't know why...
The best of all is that we can experiment with different tools until we find that one which makes us feel good working with, don't you agree?

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6 comentarios:

Marisa dijo...

Como un libro abierto...
¡no dejas de sorprenderme!

19 de agosto de 2010, 20:22
Anais dijo...

Me alegro de ello MARISA :)

19 de agosto de 2010, 23:04
Alex dijo...

I agree that mechanical pencils are more precise and gives you a lot of control and consistency. Sometimes however you'd need a typical wood-case pencils to get some artistic strokes(I rarely do it, but I still do it sometimes)
Really nice sketch ^^

20 de agosto de 2010, 21:31
Anais dijo...

Thanks Alex! It's true. Those kind of strokes with a wood pencil are more powerful than those you can do with a mechanical one.
It's a pleasure every comment you do.
Come back soon! ;-)

21 de agosto de 2010, 0:27
raena dijo...

I like mechanical pencils too, because you don't have to carry a pencil sharpener when you use them! But, I think it can loose some of the line quality. Great sketch!

21 de agosto de 2010, 0:42
Anais dijo...

Yeah, Raena, mechanical pencils are easier to carry without too many things in your case. Do you usually carry your sketchbook and case in your bag too? :)

21 de agosto de 2010, 1:08

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