25 octubre 2010

Sketchbook Project #15

Y este, como dibujo, es mi última aportación al cuaderno del Sketchbook Project. Teniendo en cuenta que las hojas son muuuuy finas, las he pegado para darle más consistencia a cada dibujo, puesto que traspasaba el papel, y se transparentaba por detrás. De esta forma, el cuaderno se queda en la mitad, pero vaya, tampoco se trata de cansar al personal :P
Como muestra, sirva un botón ;-)
Tema del proyecto: "Si vivieras aquí..."
Dibujo #15: "...hablaríamos sobre el significado de libertad"
And this is my last drawing for this Sketchbook Project. The pages are so thin that I decided stick them by turn (drawings went through the paper!) , so the number of pages is just the half of the original one.
But that's right, it's perfect to give you an initial idea about my style ;-)
Project theme: "If you lived here..."
Drawing #15: "... we'd talk about the meaning of ´freedom´ "

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6 comentarios:

debra morris dijo...

Congratulations Ana!
Hopefully I'll get to see the whole book one day in New York
How sensible to stick them together(I'm quite tempted to stick a few of my pages together as not quite halfway)

27 de octubre de 2010, 6:10
Capt Elaine Magliacane dijo...

Congratulations... I'm sort of doing the same thing trying to avoid the bleeding where I can now... but I'm only about half thru... this last page is beautiful, lady liberty is very hard to draw as are waving flags... I love the composition of this. I hope I get to see your book when it comes to Altanta Ga., I'm planning to go visit my daughter and see them all then.

27 de octubre de 2010, 21:27
Anais dijo...

DEBRA, ELAINE, thanks so much for your kind comments :)
It'll be fantastic if you can see the original sketchbooks in their tour... I have the perfect excuse to travel to New York :D
Let me know when both of you can take a look to the original books, okay? ;-)

27 de octubre de 2010, 22:37
Revelle dijo...

I enjoyed scrolling through your sketchbook. Lovely work!

28 de octubre de 2010, 16:04
Anais dijo...

Thank you REVELLE! I enjoyed drawing every page too ;-)

28 de octubre de 2010, 23:45
Alissa dijo...

Lovely pages from your sketchbook journal and your choice of images . I also would love to go to the US an see all of these sektchbooks for real. Last year i sent my sketchbook project in and and let people in Everyday Matters Group know and a few of them visited and also took photos of them with my book ! (and one took a video on their camera and posting on line - very exciting . I look forward to your new drawings

4 de noviembre de 2010, 20:02

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