06 agosto 2010

Sketchbook Project #3

Sigo trabajando en el proyecto de "Sketchbook Project", y esta vez me apeteció dibujar mi taza favorita.
TEMA DEL PROYECTO: "Si vivieras aquí..."
Dibujo#3: "... podríamos charlar tomando un café"
I continue working on the Sketchbook Project and I felt like drawing my favorite coffee-cup.
Project theme: "If you lived here..."
Drawing #3: "... we could talk over a cup of coffee"

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8 comentarios:

nanke's stuff dijo...

Great start! This is a charming mug and a really nice drawing of it. I've joined it too, but haven't started it yet. We have the same topic! nancy

6 de agosto de 2010, 13:05
E*phi dijo...

What a lovely mug! (I love cats! Especially cheshire cats and this one looks a bit like one!)

Nice to see what other people do for the ir sketchbook project! I'm participating as well. I'm still struggling a bit with white-paper-anxiety (especially since this one will be looked at by other people!), but I finally did my first sketch yesterday night.

Have fun with your book! I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas on paper (or on the screen at least ;) ).

(PS: Nice opportunity to reanimate my long forgotten and rather crappy Spanish too!) :D

6 de agosto de 2010, 13:41
Anais dijo...

Thanks NANCY. Great! Finally I've found the first person with the same theme like me! :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your drawings. Cheer up!

Thank you E*PHI :D White paper is always a bit stressful, it's true. But when you do your fist drawing, ideas flow through your mind and that's the start!
Hope you enjoy with this project as much as I do...
I'm looking forward to seeing your work too! ;)

6 de agosto de 2010, 14:20
Dan Kent dijo...

What a fun cup! Very nicely done. I think it's a great theme, and you are off to a great start with it!

7 de agosto de 2010, 1:12
Anais dijo...

Thanks so much, DAN. I'm getting exciting about this project :D

7 de agosto de 2010, 23:56
rrARTz dijo...

very nice sketch!

9 de agosto de 2010, 0:00
Anais dijo...

rrARTz, thanks so much! :D

9 de agosto de 2010, 11:27
Marisa dijo...

Un café.. ummm, charlando...
voy a revisar mi agenda...

¿Hay otra taza para mi?
Genial Anais. Me gusta como estás desarrollando el proyecto

10 de agosto de 2010, 23:23

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