09 agosto 2010

Sketchbook Project #4

Aquí tenéis mi siguiente dibujo del proyecto: mi periquito Wiky. Vuela por toda la casa buscandonos y le gusta posarse en el hombro y estar acompañado. Una pasada... :) TEMA DEL PROYECTO: "Si vivieras aquí..." Dibujo#4: "... conocerías a mi periquito, Wiky" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here you have my next drawing of the project: he is my cute parakeet, Wiky He flys all over the house looking for any member of our family and then he alight on our shoulder. Amazing! :D Project theme: "If you lived here..." Drawing #4: "... you'd meet my parakeet, Wiky"

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11 comentarios:

E*phi dijo...

Awww, he's too cute! Really nice sketch!

Btw: Did you rebind your sketchbook? If not, how do you deal with the thin paper? Do you only draw on every second page or have you found a medium to draw with that doesn't press through?

Also, thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog! ^-^

9 de agosto de 2010, 13:18
Capt Elaine Magliacane dijo...

Aww what a sweet bird, I had a parakeet, but he was mean and would bite. I have a BIG bird now a Scarlett Macaw, he's sweet like your little bird and he talks. Does your parakeet talk?

9 de agosto de 2010, 13:33
Anais dijo...

E*phi I din't rebind my book. I have to use very light washes of watercolor and it's really difficult working with that kind of paper, with no doubt... And about the pages, I'm drawing by turn because each drawing sees through the next page a little bit. After thinking deeply about what to do with those white pages, I crossed my fingers and glued them and the result was good, good thing! (Elaine: I did it! :))

Elaine my parakeet doesn't talk yet but I'm traying to teach him to say: "Wiky guapo, Wiky guapo" :D
When I was younger I had another one and he talked a lot! I taught him! :D
I'd love seeing some photos of your Scarlett Macaw! Do you have any of them in your blog?

Thanks both of your for your comments! ;)

9 de agosto de 2010, 13:54
Alex dijo...

love that little bird and the simplicity of the presentation =) it doesn't say much because it doesn't have to ^^

9 de agosto de 2010, 17:58
Anais dijo...

"Simplicity helps us to see real beauty....with no distraction" ;-) Thanks ALEX!

9 de agosto de 2010, 19:40
raena dijo...

You are doing a fabulous job with this topic! I love everything you've put in so far!

10 de agosto de 2010, 6:11
Anais dijo...

Thanks so much, RAENA :D
All your comments are very important for me and they encourage me to continue sharing all my work with all of you... From my heart: THANK YOU

10 de agosto de 2010, 9:13
Cathy Holtom dijo...

I like your topic, it tells us a lot about your life as well as been a little book of art.

10 de agosto de 2010, 10:17
Anais dijo...

Thanks Cathy!
It's true...it's a kind of small summary about my life :D

10 de agosto de 2010, 11:58
Marisa dijo...

Me encantan los periquitos, esta genial, perfectas proporciones.
Me gusta mucho la idea de tu proyecto.
Mi mas sincera enhorabuena.

10 de agosto de 2010, 20:21
Anais dijo...

Muchas gracias por tus comentarios, Marisa :)

11 de agosto de 2010, 9:27

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